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10 Secrets to Keep Thick Hair in a High Ponytail While Exercising

For women with thick, long hair, there is a uniting grievance when it comes to exercising: the high ponytails most comfortable for fitness seem to drag or slump about halfway through a workout. If you want to keep your pony high up on your head, even if you have thick or heavy hair, here are ten of the best secrets for doing do.

 Use SuperPonyPin.

If you want to forgo to many bobby pins in favor of a simple answer, the SuperPonyPin is about to be your BFF. This one, ingenious ponytail accessory removes all the slack from your hair tie and keeps even the thickest hair high on your head for seamless, fuss-free exercise.

  1. Join two small ponytails for one, big Mega Pony.

If you want an Ariana Grande look that will last through a spin class, opt for the two-part Mega Pony. First, gather the top half of your hair in a high ponytail. Then, create a second ponytail just beneath the first one, so that it is concealed. The result is a longer looking and longer lasting hair style.


  1. Use only small or new hair ties.

If your high ponies won’t stop sagging, make sure you’re only using brand new or smaller hair ties to avoid hair tie slack.


  1. Wrap your pony for a more secure hold.

To keep your high ponytail closer to your head, create a “hole” between the base of your head and the hair tie, and then pull the length of your pony through.


  1. Blow dry your roots upside down.

This may sound silly, but when you have thick hair you could use all the help you can get! Blow dry your roots upside down so that they are naturally pulled upward, and can stay in a high voluminous pony.


  1. Use hairspray or hair gel for more hold.

Hairspray or a hair gel applied when hair is wet can create maximum hold for even the sleekest and highest ponytails.


  1. Try an inner pony surrounded by an outer pony.

This weird trick may be your savior: create a small ponytail of hair from only the crown of your head. Then, gather the rest of your hair around that small pony and create another, outer ponytail. The result is a reinforced ponytail that won’t droop.


  1. Couple with a headband to keep fly-away’s far away.

If you just want to succumb to the tragedy of high pony sag while you’re exercising, opt for a headband or sweatband that will keep straggler hairs away from your neck and face.


  1. Settle for a braid instead.

Sometimes, going for a single French braid is easier than a high pony, especially if your thick hair has many layers. Braids can keep all the different lengths of layered hair together and secured.


  1. Use a bunch of bobby pins to keep it all together…

You can keep your high pony tight and secure if you use a bunch of bobby pins or other ponytail accessories to secure the base.