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Avoid These 7 Mistakes to Keep Thick Hair in a Perfect High Ponytail While Exercising | SuperPonyPin

Avoid These 7 Mistakes to Keep Thick Hair in a Perfect High Ponytail While Exercising

Who doesn’t love the high ponytail look? Especially in the gym. It’s quick, it’s easy and it keeps your hair out of the way. The high ponytail is a modern-chic hairstyle that everyone fawns over. And why wouldn’t they? It does check all the boxes off.

It’s the go-to hairstyle when we come home after a long day at work and just want to release the stress from our bodies with a long hardcore workout. You’re tired but you’re focused and don’t want anything to get in the way between you and your elliptical. 

So you roughly grab all your beautiful locks and tighten them into a messy grip. Lucky for us, they’ve actually named and popularized this very hairstyle featuring a rolled-in look.

But as simple as it is to get that messy hair, there are a few costly mistakes to avoid while styling your mane into a high ponytail before a hard workout.


1.   Too Much Slack

The #1 reason your ponytail droops during a workout is because of the inability to tie that last loop.

You get that final wrap and know there’s more room, but not enough for another full loop.

And when you’re in a hard workout with thick hair, that extra slack makes a big difference. Your ponytail keeps falling, leaving you:

  • frustrated with having to redo your hair;
  • hot from the ponytail touching the back of your neck; and
  • not looking your best with a sad, droopy ponytail.

That’s why we created SuperPonyPin. It’s a new hairpin designed for working out with big hair. It removes excess slack on that last loop, keeping even the biggest and thickest hair in a high ponytail throughout your workout.

Get that high ponytail look in one minute and keep it there all day, whether you’re exercising or just trying to look your best at work. It’s like the pinnacle of ponytail hacks.

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Say goodbye to sad, droopy ponytails or redoing your hair a million times a day. With the SuperPonyPin, you can stay focused and fashionable all day long—even while getting your sweat on!



2.   Tying Wet Hair

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again! Styling wet hair in any manner is the gravest mistake you could ever make. Not just styling or tying, but even combing your hair after a shower damages it, causing breakage and leading to you losing all your volume too. The high ponytail looks best with big hair.

And big hair means volumized and poofy locks. Combing and tying your hair when it hasn’t completely dried yet, makes it go limp which you want to avoid. To add to that, wet hair is much weaker and easily breaks, so you end up causing hair fall and giving it a weird shape, it dries into when tied up.

3.   Hair Products- When To Use Them

The hair-industry has marketed a thousand products each of which promises to add volume to your crown or make your locks silky and smooth or keep it beautiful and bouncy all day long. And while we may think that using half a bottle of your deliciously-scented conditioner may help keep your frizz down and your strands smooth, it doesn’t work that way.

Hair products are meant to add to the natural beauty of your hair and so are designed to work subtly and are to be used in minimal quantities. The market has a wide collection of products and brands with different ingredients. And not all ‘magic potions’ work the same for everyone. It is important to find the one item that suits you perfectly and to use it in the recommended quantities and only when needed.

So, the next time you are securing your curls in a tight wrap high on your scalp, try to avoid or limit the volumizing cream you may be using.


4.   Hairspray A Day Don’t Keep Salon Bills Away

Volumizers, hair mousse, hairsprays, and whatnot have been invented to help you with all your hair-qualms. But, as much as you may be tempted to add just a bit more of volumizing foam or a pump more of hair styling cream, overusing these hair products may make your hair flat and limp and greasy.

You will not be able to achieve that chic look that the big hair pony advertises, with a heap of styling products layered over your head. Moreover, hair products have a tendency of building up along your strands. They may give instant results but in the long run, they leave their mark, and not in a good way. So be sure to avoid them if possible or use limited amounts or products only.


5.   Say No To Heat

The most popular way to get this big messy hair to a cute hairdo is inverted blow-drying. Sometimes women use flat irons to get a sleek and tamed hairstyle, while a curling wand can give a flirty, romantic twist.

These are great ways to get the best out of this simple style and can be used out of the gym and on dates or at the office. But if you prefer a high pony daily, blow drying every day or using other heat tools to manage your hair will ruin your hair’s health, irreversibly.

You’ll have to spend hours at the salon and pay their hefty bills to restore your dry and damaged hair. It is better to avoid that pain and stop using heat styling tools as much as you can. You can still achieve a simple, put-together look using simple tricks without frying your strands to a crisp.


6.   Wrong Accessories Are WRONG

Okay. Let’s not lie. At least once in our lives, we have all been guilty of using rubber bands to tie our ponies. And I mean the office rubber bands. Those dreaded rubbers, metallic clasp-bands, thin elastic hair ties, and others of the sort are absolute nightmares for our beloved tresses.

They are too harsh on our roots and lengths, cause breakage and headaches, and don’t secure our ponytails for very long causing the once high and modern looking ponytail to sag and look like a complete wreck.

Try using hairbands that are softer for your scalp- like silk bands or even regular cotton-clothed elastic bands. These have a better grip and keep your hair in place and avoid sagging of your carefully styled ponytail even while exercising. They do not cause any breakage and do not make your strands rough in any way. These also do not form the pony-hair dent we are all used to seeing.


7.   The Art Of Teasing

Most stylists will say that you cannot get a perfect big hair high pony hairstyle without teasing your tresses. And they aren’t wrong, after all, they are the experts. Teasing your hair means to backcomb along your strands, intentionally forming knots to achieve a messy and fuller look. 

But teasing can damage your hair too, especially if not done the right way. You have to gently and purposefully rough your hair using the right strokes and techniques. There is no need to rough all of your strands, just at the crown and a bit in the middle should do the trick to give you the illusion of big hair.  You should also ask your stylist to demonstrate the correct way of teasing and what comb you should use.



The #1 reason your ponytail droops during a workout is because of the inability to tie that last loop. We suggest using SuperPonyPin as the best way to keep your ponytail perky throughout your entire workout.

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