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7 Simple Ways To Keep A High Ponytail While Working Out - Without The Fuss | SuperPonyPin

7 Simple Ways To Keep A High Ponytail While Working Out - Without The Fuss

The hair is the crown that's never taken off, but sometimes it does get in the way of our daily functioning. Let's consider a simple instance.

You're working out in the gym with your mind focused on completing an exercise. You've secured your hair in a high ponytail, and with that, you have moved on to your first bounce, jog, or sprint.

I'm sure many of you have already let out a sigh by this point because there's no denying the familiarity of this awkward situation. Yes! You got it. Quite often, the high ponytail becomes a saggy mess, and with that, the determination to exercise. The problems with this are various. 

Sometimes the hair falls all over the face, and it disrupts the workout routine a lot. Sometimes the hair pokes the eye and irritates it during a vigorous exercise session. It successfully increases your irritation, and your mind is torn from the exercise.

Before devoting yourself to your routine exercise, you can follow these few easy tips to make your high ponytail be secured at the top.


1. The Blow-Drying Trick

It's quite impossible to think "high ponytail" and not think of Ariana Grande. So how about we take a tip from her pro stylist regarding this? Chris Appleton, a hairstylist frequented by Grande, says that blow-drying the roots is a very effective way of keeping the high ponytail in place.

You need to start by flipping your head over. Then use a bit of heat and a boar bristle brush while drying your hair in the same direction as your hair roots. If your hair isn't wet, make sure to dampen it before blow-drying. Don't forget to use hair spray for heat protection.

Take your hair up and tie it in a high ponytail after this. It usually yields good results in keeping the high ponytail fixed during exercise.

2. The Hair Parting High Ponytail Trick

You have to be patient if you want to make sure that your high ponytail stays put throughout your workout. So this is our second tip. Don't just lousily pull up all of the hair into one messy high knot. 

Break your hair into two parts to ensure that your high ponytail is secured in place while you exercise. The first step is parting your hair well in halves from ear to ear.  

The final touch is setting the hair at the center when the base is fixed. All you need to do is brush up the rest of your hair and join it with the previously done ponytail. This will keep your high ponytail from becoming loose or saggy.


3. Bungee Elastic Trick

Another effective way of preventing the high ponytail from losing the ‘high’ during exercise is to secure it with a bungee elastic. It is also popularly known as the hook elastic. Here’s how you can use it.

Hold your hair up with one hand. The hook on one end of the cord needs to be stuck firmly into the hair base. Keep wrapping the elastic tightly around the base. Stop only when you have reached the hook on the other end of the elastic cord. The only thing left to do is hooking this end of the cord to the hook on the other end that is secured to the base.


4. The SuperPonyPin Trick

Do you want your high ponytail to look its best throughout the day? Be it while you exercise or sprint or just try to pull off a casually pretty high ponytail at work, the Super Pony Pin will WOW you.

It's fashioned to prevent your high ponytail from slipping, even during exercise, and has an appreciable heavy-duty design. So now you don't need to worry about maintaining a high ponytail all day.

5. The Hair Gel Trick 

One of the basic hacks to maintain a high ponytail while exercise is to use hair gel while the hair is still wet. Comb it back to style it into the ponytail.


6. The Bobble and Bobby Pins Trick

Another trick to maintain a high ponytail is to use a bobble and bobby pins. All you need to do is tilt your head downward and gather up all the hair into a high ponytail. Secure it with a bobble for a fun look. 

After this, two bobby pins need to be secured vertically under the ponytail. The bobby pins need to be stuck through the hair tie in order to be effective. This will ensure that the high ponytail doesn't droop while you exercise.

7. The Braid Trick 

There's another easy trick you can use to keep the ponytail in place during your exercise. Part your hair and make a braid out of the inner portion of the hair. You need to wind the braid against the scalp to form the base of the high ponytail.

The braid needs to be secured with bobby pins to make sure that there's no sagging. The remaining hair has to be pulled up over the base and styled into a high ponytail. This will prevent the high ponytail from going out of place.




We hope you'll like our trick or two. We hope you flaunt that high ponytail without being worried about it slacking. Enjoy it throughout the day and have peaceful exercise sessions, too!