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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Keep Your Big Hair In A High Ponytail When Exercising | SuperPonyPin

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Keep Your Big Hair In A High Ponytail When Exercising

Big hair and high ponytails are a match made in heaven. Day to night, lazy hangouts to a hot date, or even a burnout session at the gym- there is no better look. I mean, isn’t looking chic when getting that heart rate up and being a sweaty mess the ultimate style statement? It‘s cute, it’s easy, and it’s quick.


The only hiccup with this look is keeping your big, poofy, thick hair high and secured all day long- more importantly, when you are exercising away. It does get a little tricky to avoid the sagging of a high ponytail. But don't you worry. We are here to the rescue!


This is the ultimate cheat sheet you need to keep your big hair in a high ponytail when exercising. One sneak peek is all you need to know all the hacks and tricks to get that trendy look on the go.

High Pony Hacks

1.   Bobby Pins to the rescue

A quick and easy fix to a sagging thick haired-ponytail is bobby pins. Place two bobby pins beneath your hair tie to add support to your high pony, and you're good to go.

2.   Hidden Pony trick

Wrap your crown and front sections of your hair into a high and tight pony. Secure the lower section of your hair into another hair tie. Finally, cover the two ties using a cute ribbon or scrunchie or a simple hair tie.

This neat hair-hack adds volume giving the illusion of volume and big hair. And, the two ponies make sure your hair is tight and high even through rigorous treadmill sessions.

3.   Hair Teasing all the way

Teasing your hair is a styling technique all hair experts use to get a high and thick look. You backcomb certain sections of your pony (usually the middle part) using a fine-tooth comb. This creates intentional knots and frizzes your hair adding volume and the height you want.

4.   Use the right Accessories

Hair accessories aren’t just there to make your hairstyle look pretty and cute. Certain accessories help add volume, secure any ponytail, including a high pony, and work on thick and long hair too! You just need to find the one that suits your hair. A good one to check out would be the SuperPonyPin.

The Big No-Nos of Big Hair High Ponies

1.   Wet Hair means No Tying

The biggest mistake you could ever make while hairstyling is tying your wet hair. As cute as high ponytails are, they just don’t work in damp hair. You won’t get the volume or the height you want. In fact, it will only damage your hair, causing breakage, adding an unattractive dent, and it gives you a headache.

2.   Don’t go overboard with Products

Hair products like volumizing shampoo, hairsprays, and mousse can make your hair look amazing. At least temporarily. In the long run, they do no good to your hair health. A perfect big high ponytail may require using a few products. But going overboard with them will make your hair greasy, limp, and flat—all the things you do NOT want to happen. So, stick to the recommended amount!


3.   Tight and Secure

This may seem like the most obvious tip. But if you want that high pony to stay high always, make a tight ponytail. That also means using a good, ‘non-stretched out’ elastic. We tend to let our laziness show when looking for a hair tie in our homes. Who can blame us? The little suckers love to pull a Houdini act on us. But if you do become lazy, then say bye-bye to the chic look you want. Your hair will come loose and tumbling down when you are exercising.


This Or That?

1.   Hairspray or Flyaways?

Hairsprays are great to tame the pesky baby hairs that stick out. They give a sleek and put-together style. Put using products every single day is a headache of its own. Considering you are going to the gym, a little messy but fun hairstyle isn’t bad. In fact, people prefer it! So, ditch the sprays and creams and gels and get exercising!

2.   Blow Dry or Air Dry?

Everyone who has any experience with a big high pony knows that blow drying is the ultimate trick to get a poofy, bouncy, and voluminous tail. But, blow-drying takes time, and frankly, who blow-dries hair to go to the gym?

Air drying is a natural and healthier choice for your hair. Sure it won’t give the polished look a blow-drying can, but it isn’t horrible either. If you’re worried about the volume, you could always choose to backcomb and tease your hair. Use one of the hacks or hair accessories. They won’t let you down!  

3.   Shampoo or No Shampoo?

The best thing about this hairstyle besides being quick and simple is that it works both with freshly washed hair and slightly greasy hair. You don’t have to worry about cleaning your hair every day with this look. Especially when going to the gym, a pre-shampoo and a post-shampoo? That doesn’t seem real or right!