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When I saw my daughter take to the tennis court, or get after it on the running track, I knew she was blessed with athletic genes. She just loved it from the moment she got started, but there were also a few bumps on the road…

She was also blessed with big hair and loved to have the perfect ponytail no matter what she was doing. The problem was that the harder she pushed herself, the more her ponytail would slip down and start rubbing. Before we knew it her skin was sore and she was getting really frustrated. I’d see other kids chop and change their hairstyles for this very reason, but I just knew there had to be a better way.

I started thinking long and hard, late into the night, and soon I had something that I thought would really make her smile: the SuperPonyPin™. She wasn’t sure at first so it took a little bit of persuasion to get her to try it for the first time.

Now she has the high ponytail she’s always wanted, plus she can focus on what she really loves to do. I’d never have realized what a difference a simple little change could make unless I’d seen it with my own eyes.

She’s never looked back since that day so, why should you?

With love and gratitude,

Cynthia Collins