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SuperPonyPin - SuperPonyPin



Finally, a High Ponytail that Stays

Training hard? Big hair? No worries, SuperPonyPin has you covered.

SuperPonyPin - SuperPonyPin
  • Super Strong Hold

    Great for keeping a high ponytail for big hair and exercise. 

  • Keep a high ponytail in place all-day

    SuperPonyPin reduces extra ponytail slack, which is the cause of a falling ponytail.

  • No slipping (even while exercising)

    SuperPonyPin will keep your ponytail high throughout high impact activities.

No More Falling Ponytail

  • Super Lightweight

    You can have it on all day without it bothering you.

  • Built to Last

    This ideal material won't break if dropped.

  • Helps Regulate Body Temperature

    Keeps your ponytail away from your neck, which helps keeps you cool.