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SuperPonyPin - Ultimate High Ponytail Accessory for Active Women

SuperPonyPin - SuperPonyPin

SuperPonyPin - Ultimate High Ponytail Accessory for Active Women


You know those girls who say, “gym hair, don’t care”? Those women clearly never have to worry about how to keep a thick ponytail from touching the back of their neck when they were getting sweaty or falling down when doing Hot Yoga, CrossFit, or long trail runs gets a little tough. 

That’s why we created the SuperPonyPin—the most comfortable and supportive way to secure a ponytail for high impact activity. In fact, it’s the perfect hair accessory to help keep big hair up and manage all those super cute high ponytail hairstyles you love so much.

An exclusive design made for active lifestyles and on-the-go women, we’ve made it easy to enjoy high ponytail styles at work, the gym, or in the great outdoors.

Big, Thick Hair? Hard Workouts? Active Lifestyle?

SuperPonyPin helps manage it all with style and comfort.

SuperPonyPin - SuperPonyPin
  • Strong, Non-Slip Hold

    From thick hair to high curly ponytails to simple ponytails that are maintenance free these are the ultimate ponytail accessories for keeping your hair in place when you’re running, weightlifting, doing Pilates, playing sports, or simply staying active.

  • Comfortable All-Day Wear

    When your hair is draped over your neck it can cause intense sweating and even skin irritation. But with the SuperPonyPin you can tame those flyaways, improve air flow around your head and neck, and enjoy that cute, relaxed look with style.

  • Lightweight and Versatile

    Not only will it keep your ponytail high throughout high impact activities it does so without weighing you down. In fact, learning how to do a high ponytail with thick hair is even easier thanks to an accessory that stays in place and hides within your hair.

Say Hello to the Perfect High Ponytail

  • High, Stylish Look

    Our hair accessories help pin your hair up tall and keep them looking tight and clean.

  • Quick and Easy Design

    The SuperPonyPin helps you pull up your hair and secure it within just 60 seconds.

  • Fitness and Travel Wear

    The lightweight, compact shape makes it easier to wear during workouts or long travel.